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PVT Killerspore's Request!

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PVT Killerspore's Request! Empty PVT Killerspore's Request!

Post by xlegaaragodor on February 12th 2009, 5:38 pm

Jacob sent me a letter, which i recieved today telling me "omg basic is nothing like what i thought it was gonna be i actually love it here Ive made so many friends but i still love you guys more" he also states "so guess what I got my gun saturday and go pew pew now" So i believe he is greatly enjoying his basic training right now. His request was "Can you do me a favor and put my address on the forums and tell everyone my address and if they write me I will write them back" . So obviously that is exactly what I'm doing Razz

Jacob Kobetic
5611 NE Rothwell Street
Unit B-3
Ft Sill, OK 73503

*on the back of the enevelope anyone sends you must put a 3 with a circle around it*

He hopes to hear from everyone ^_^

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PVT Killerspore's Request! Empty Re: PVT Killerspore's Request!

Post by *Epidemic on February 12th 2009, 11:51 pm

Ill send him a letter! Thanks kathleen!

Edit: to reiterate, When you send him a letter on the back of the envelope u right a three and put a circle around it, otherwise he probably wont get it.

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