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Wensday Night GW!

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Wensday Night GW! Empty Wensday Night GW!

Post by *Epidemic on April 2nd 2010, 3:37 am

Lets do some Guild Hall Gaming!

Every Wednesday 7pm and on we will meet on Guild Wars like the old days and have some friends pvp or assorted guild smorgasbords. Gamble, Scrimmage, Tag, CTF, GvG, PvE, anything and everything were up for lets do it!

Hope to see you guys Every Wednesday night!

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Wensday Night GW! Empty Re: Wensday Night GW!

Post by Whytewolf on April 11th 2010, 5:10 am

Have fun guys! At that time I am just waking up. Lol today I didn't even wake up until midnight, of course I had some strange shooting/stabbing pain in my lower back/side that kept me up until like 2pm. It sucked!

Any who I miss chatting with you guys more. Just taking a break from packing. Packed up my desk. Oh yes back to the topic. I hope to hear about your gaming night. I won't be online in Guild Wars Wednesdays as that is my night for role play in AoC (Age of Conan).


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