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Will we GvG again?

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Will we GvG again? Empty Will we GvG again?

Post by *Epidemic on October 18th 2008, 2:00 pm

A couple people of the guild have mentioned GvGing & how they wish we would still GvG. I was thinking of how it might be possible to GvG & what we would have to do in order to do it again.

ex1) GvG must be fun!!!! Not hours upon hours of planning and debating on how to make the build better!

Well expect planning if we do but the only planning will be before we even party up to GvG. I want to get the build then simply give them to the everyone and slowly gradually just get used to them. Course in game we will still have calls and count downs but I just want to GvG for fun, no longer do I even have a dream of being high ranked.

I screwed up in the past by simply focusing how only winning. Id rather have tons of fun losing then winning and just worrying about our rank.

So what do you say? What would it take to get us back into GvG?

I already know a few...

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Anything else?

Will we GvG again? Robot1Will we GvG again? 10n6xxt
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