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Post by xlegaaragodor on July 5th 2008, 6:11 pm

Okay guys, Astra and I are going to try and bring this back, cause we both miss it... problem is i don't know if i have the most recent copy and I can't get on the old forums at all... my account was completely deleted. No I'm kinda sad about that and i know this isn't a word game really... but i thought it be better than general chat... so yeah, Razz if you have a problem get over it. so hear we go... oh i don't remember the colors either so... i'ma go ahead and pre-assign colors... so those who are working on it if you want it changed, we can change it ^ ^.

Astra: Dark Red/Maroon
Zelda: Blue
Lime: Green
Avatar: Indigo (purple's too light right now)
The Deldrimor Woods had recently been a beautiful place, full of life and trees, but as a young female elf walked through the forest she could feel the pain of the land around her. This place had been burnt by unnatural means and the forest was telling her of it. This place was in pain and she needed to fix it, it was one of her many jobs of her class and race. The young elf began to go to work.
From an untrained eye, which was normally a human's, the elf would have appeared to be dancing. The elf's features where magnificent to any races eye other than their own. She was not a very tall elf, like most of her kind, but she was also still very young. From far away she would look small and possibly scrawny but her strength was undeniable. From afar she looked like an angel, well whatever that was exactly, she didn't know. Her features where a bright white. Her hair was a bright white with a small mixture of blue, her eyes where a silver blue to match her hair. In the sun her body looked as though it had turned into a million little crystals because of the way she reflected the sun light. Her body simply glowed. Her curves were beautiful and her attractiveness to any man of any sort was undeniable. Her clothes were revealing but of course where just as beautiful as the girl herself. Her particular dress was a bright white and her sandals twisted themselves around her ankles. She had had to slip them off to perform her dance.
The elf had begun her dance on the ground of course but as the dance moved she was now dancing in the air. Her dance had brought the burnt ashes and broken limbs spinning around in the air. Due to the dance the ashes were spinning and were no longer as black as charcoal but in fact was now a bright white. She used the air to spread the white ash throughout the forest, and the healing began. The hundreds of years that it would have taken a forest to heal itself, had now past in a mere few minutes. The elf slowly drifted back down to the ground her toes touching slowly. She slipped into her shoes quickly and looked up to see an astonished face of a man who had possibly caused all the destruction.

The mans name was Bate of Zeroth. He stood silently mezmorized by the dance of beauty that had restored all that he had destroyed. Only when the dance had ended and the elf looked at him did he come back to reality. "I have never seen a forest heal so fast before, I can see that you posses powerful magic."


"Why did you destroy it in the first place" The elf demanded.

" I was simply performing greater fire spell and required the vast life energy that this forest has to offer"

"That does not make it okay! Gah, you would think you would have some sense oh what its like to get hurt, but apparently not." The elf said as her temper towards this stranger rose.

"These plants feel no pain, and even if they did it would matter not, I need this spell for protection and if I must take the lives of a few useless plants then so be it."

"Useless plants?! I, Zelda of Xlegaaragodor, am ashamed I have met you! Plants having no pain, useless living, they cleanse the very air you breathe and yet you say they are useless?! I can not believe your mentality."

" You truly do not understand the workings of greater magic and you clearly value the lives of a few plants over the safety a sentient being! I am Bate of Zeroth and clearly you are nothing but a foolish elf! Its just like an elf to value plants over anything but themselves."

"Foolish you say? It is my belief that if you can't even value the life of a plant or the nature around you, how can you possibly value any life other than your own? Hmph, I am willing to bet that you value nothing other than yourself, and that you are lonely in the world because of it. You travel alone do you not? Maybe that is your preference, or maybe you just have absolutely no one to travel with because of your selfishness! You are pathetic in the feelings of others, and even more pathetic on the inside. And We elves do not value plants over everything but ourselves, we do not value ourselves, we value all living creatures, every single one of them, except maybe those who would rather take lives than restore them or protect them. But even then we guard them, and protect them, and even heal them when necessary. Without us elves there would be nothing but pain and suffering the world. We help balance, you destroy a forest for your pleasure, and we restore it for the pleasure of others. You must be able to see the world through eyes other than your own, in order to grasp exactly what it is we elves do! We are anything but foolish!!!!!!!" Zelda was now more than just angry she was shaking with rage and wanted to do nothing more than then end of the person standing in front of her.

"Do not pretend that you know of my friends or my travels! You know nothing outside of your own perfect world! Only power can fight power and power takes sacrifices. I do what i must and weather or not i enjoy it has nothing to do with it. I was even kind enough to cast a spell to make all the animals leave before i performed my magic, but your so caught up in your own ideas that you wouldn't have that that anyone who would burn a forest would have any respect for life."

Zelda was taken back by this statement. She wasn't sure how to solve this, or how to stop this argument, cause now she wanted nothing more than to just stop arguing. She was aggravated at his selfishness, but apparently she herself had crossed her line she had work so hard to keep herself behind. She now wanted nothing more than to either get away from this person, or discover more about him.
"Look, I'm sorry, your right, i paid no attention to anything besides what i could see in front of my face. I'm sorry, i still have many skills to develop along the way."

"Then I also must apologize, I should have explained myself. The demon trapped in a great oak of this forest had gained strength and will soon escape his bonds. The fire spells i cast were meant to help destroy this demon before it does any harm. Our time is short however and i would appreciate your help with this."

Zelda was taken back by this, but had in fact agreed to help the stranger known as Bate along his quest. The pair moved swiftly through the forest in search of this evil he said was in a great oak. Zelda, who had known every part of this forest since she was very little, was trying her hardest to imagine the tree he could of possibly meant. At the same time she was trying to guide him throughout the forest.

Zelda was ahead of Bate of Zeroth looking for the quickest way through the forest. she knew every inch of the forest yet something was different. She felt as though they were being watched and she motioned for bate to stop." What is it?" Bate asked, "What do you see?" He asked. As Bate was talking to Zelda he did not notice the Snare trap that he had walked into. Bate was flung upside down and pulled up the tree. Before Zelda could react a man put a blade to her neck. "Who do we have here?"Asked the man. "An elf by herself is rare enough" said the man,"but an Elf traveling with a human is rarer still" he stated. We are looking for an evil demon who is said to live in a Great oak" Zelda exclaimed. The man removed the blade for zelda's neck and zelda turned to look upon the man. He was A fairly decent looking man, he had brown hair and scars on his face and neck. He was semi muscular and had a bite wound on his arm. "Are You alright?"Zelda Asked him, "Yes" he said. "I Was Bitten by a wolf as i was searching the woods for bandits"He told zelda. Zelda touched the nearest tree to her and touched the mans arm where his wound was. she drained small amounts of the trees life energy and used it to heal the mans wound. As she healed the mans wound he said to her " My Name is Steven Of The Holy Order." She replied "My name is Zelda of Xlegaaragodor and my companions name is..." she had forgotten about Bate of Zeroth, "He is still up in the tree!" Zelda yelled. Steven Got up and cut the rope that held Bate in the tree. Bate came crashing down and landed on the ground. "Are You alright?"Zelda Asked, "Never Felt Better except for the fact that i was hung upside down in a tree for 5 min."Said Bate. "You both sound like you could use my help in defeating the demon in the great oak."said Steven. "If you would accept my help I would gladly give it." Said Steven. "We would welcome you to our group." Said Zelda. The three ran into the forest looking for the demon.

As the group continued on the air began to become sickly for Zelda. Zelda who could move faster than the normal pace they were traveling at, was now slowed, she was now hardly walking. At first, the men did not seem to take notice, until suddenly Zelda was yards behind, when she was normally a meter ahead. The elf was beginning to move awkwardly... she looked as though she was dizzy. She was consuming the pain of the forest. Bate and Steve were still just kinda staring at her, until she hit the ground that is. Zelda got right back up afterwards, but she knew there was little time to do anything, if they were going to kill this evil, they had to move fast.

"Your the warrior Steve, you help her, i must continue to to prepare for the comeing battle" Bate said

"Bate I May be the warrior but if we are to beat this demon we must help each other. So i will carry zelda right now while you prepare," Steve said

"I refuse to be carried. We have to go faster than that, there is no time, the forest is in pain. If it wasn't for the fact you two are humans, i would say we travel my speed, and my speed alone, but you are humans, idk if you can run as fast as i can. We need to get moving now though!" Zelda exclaimed.

"I'm Sorry Zelda I Just Dont want you to get hurt. You helped me by healing my wound and I appreceate that and i want to return the favor"

"If you two would stop bantering we could get moveing. I can't afford to wast any engery on a speed spell so we will have to run. now lets get going."

"Why did you bring this guy with us anyway. All he seems to be doing is talking about his power all of the time anyway"

"because im the only one here strog enough to kill the deamon"

"I'll explain that after this. Its a bit unfortunate, but look, Bate, since your in such a hurry, If I get there first, I'll ... hmm I'll do something. Lets see who can get there first shall we? Its time to head east. I'll see you there when i beat you !!!!" Zelda said laughing.

"lets move out then." Bate quickly turns to the east and starts out, going rather quickly for a normaly frail mage.

"So its a Race that you want is it zelda? well then its a race you shall get" Said Steven as he ran thought the trees.

Zelda stayed back, and waited a few minutes staring at her finger nails. She was enjoying this. Apparently niether had ever seen the abilities of an elf, and she would be rather happy to be able to show them. As she waited she laughed to herself and thought of the face both of them would make when she got there first. She unlike them, knew exactly where everything was, and her races cunning skills would help out, for she was faster than humans at the least. Zelda looked towards the east, smiled at herself, and began to run through the forest with unbelievable speed.

As steven was running to the forest he was thinking to himself how he was suprised by the elfs speed. he heard they where fast but he has never seen one run until today.

Zelda smiled as she past Steve.

The elf was catching up quickly, Bate knew he wouldn't stand a chance without a spell but he needed all the energy he had to fight the demon and in the worst case to run away.

Zelda gracefully past Bate, slowing down enough to have him see her laugh.

As steven was thinking to himself he noticed that he was catching up to Bate. as he want by him steven said " what is the use of all your magic if u cant get there in time to use it?" Then steven ran ahead of him

Bate scowled as he was passed by both his allies., He would get them back later for now he had to concentrate on the task at hand.

All the sudden Zelda came to a quick stop. She crouched down, and felt the ground. The ground itself was warmer than normal. The looked forward and the large great oak tree they were looking for was directly in front of her. Zelda slipped out of her shoes and walked on her tip toes on the grass. She could feel the pain of the tree in front of her and the pain of the nature around it burning into her skin. She jumped high into the air and twirled around in the air. She was attempting to heal the area around her, but she realized this wasn't going to work until after the evil was "vanquished". Zelda swiftly floated to the ground and stood waiting for the men to show up.

As steven was running he noticed that the elf had stop in front of a giant oak tree. He pulled out his sword he knew the combat would soon begian. He needed to protect his companions

Bate finaly reached the tree. The demon was here alright, it's evil magic was in the air. "We dont have much time left before the demon frees himself. We had best use this time wisely."

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Post by xlegaaragodor on July 5th 2008, 6:12 pm

Dinnok eyed the commotion suspiciously. He noticed the elf girl's small stature, and unique garb. The clumsy male humans had moved so slowly and loudly through the trees it had made it easy for any noise he made to go un-noticed.

The elf girl was beautiful even by elven standards. He could see the forest's pain reflected in her.

Dinnok had followed them to the clearing where they had stopped. A large wounded oak tree loomed in the center of the clearing. It was the only tree with no flowers or sprouts at its base and its leaves and bark were off hue. The air around the oak was heavy with power and negativity.

He could overhear the groups talk of a demon taking it with mildly curiosity. Human's still considered Dryad's legend, so rarely was one seen.

His mint green skin and golden almond shaped eyes were proof of his mother's dryad heritage. He was tall with a lean build which he took after his father's elven blood. His face while youthful had an uneasy hardness and edge of one who’s seen too much while his long raven hair fell free and hid the thin scar which ran down the right side of his jaw line.

Due to both the dryad and elven blood he could feel the pain which the great oak emitted. Though rigorous training had paid off, its pain did not affect him nearly as much as it did the elven girl. For him it was but a dull throb.

Dinnok checked to ensure his bow and quiver were secure before climbing a tree on the southern edge of the clearing. He was uneasy about the wizard knowing only that he had so far brought much destruction.

Whatever I do I cannot let them know I am here. With that thought he fell from the tree. “Shit!”

Zelda had heard what happened before the humans. Something had fallen to the ground, a great distance away and with a rather large thud. Zelda sped over to the source of the sound faster than Bate and Steve could of possibly realized what was going on. There was a dryad... or was it an elf??? She couldn't really tell... she had never seen a mixture of these two species, nor did she know of one. She couldn't help but feel a bit... funny looking at this... thing in distress. Then she just burst out laughing.

The laughter finally dawned on him and he looked to the elf girl. "I guess there's no sneaking away huh? You're laughing causes my pride the pain of that damned stone

"It's amazing how i tend to do that... so what were you spying on us for?? I mean you couldn't obviously be spying to look at those two over there..."

"Well you never know...maybe I have a thing for burly men with scars." Dinnok said with an awkward smile.

Astonished Zelda looked over to Steve and analyzed him quickly, hopefully before he noticed. Turning back to the stranger she laughed as she said "Hmm... its possible, or maybe you just have a thing for elves... or maybe you just have a thing for... retarded mages who burn everything in sight...."

"Maybe I just have a thing for beauty." Dinnok said quietly. His cheeks turning deeper into green as he blushed. Suddenly he cleared his throat. "So did you plant the stone there on purpose in case any creepy green guys tried to stalk you?"

"No of course not," Zelda said as she put her arms around her stomach while shaking with laughter. "By the way, what is your name, cause i don't want to call you an it."

He made a graceful bow, tipping an imaginary hat, "I am Dinnok Dou'Kain of Zevihn. Also known as that green elf thing. You my dear can call me Dinnok," he paused straightening, "May I be blessed with your name?"

Zelda blushed a bright blue smiling an astonishing beautiful smile, as she curtsy'd Dinnok in return. "I am Zelda of Xlegaaragodor, and it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

"The pleasure is all mine," Dinnok said, breaking his gaze painfully from the beautiful woman infront of him to peer over to the human men. "I don't suppose I'm getting out of here without confronting them first huh?"

"Did you honestly believe I would let you? I mean come on, I havent actually literally met someone whose half elven and half anything other than human. And plus, after such an... intriguing conversation so far...."

Dinnok smiled. "Can you figure out my heritage?" He looked down into Zelda's silver blue eyes, "It has been an intriging conversation thus far," this he said more softly, as an after thought.

"Well I can only guess.... don't take offense if I'm wrong, I havent seen many crossbreads between elves... and defiantly not of what I think u may be... Could you possibly be half driad? If not, I'm sorry if I offended you..." Zelda said looking down at the dirt.

Dinnok's smile widened. "Yes it's Dryad."
"Though you don't seem disgusted?" Something dark flashed in his eyes but it was gone as fast as it came.

"How could I be?! What is there to be disgusted about?" Zelda questioned looking even more intently at the ground while blushing heavier.

"Lets just say where I am from any cross breeds are not looked well upon." Dinnok's tone turned matter of fact. All smiles gone.
After a couple minutes of silence Dinnok shifted his weight. Tentitively reaching out to Zelda. "Are you native to these parts?"He asked softly.

Zelda whose face was recently in a shock state, turned to look up at Dinnok, and smiled innocently and sweetly "Yes, I grew up... not near here in normal measurements, but enough to have played in these forests as a small child."

Dinnok's features softened. "You know this area well then?"

"Yes, fairly well, I would say so... maybe better than anyone you will find... well other than... a few people... May I ask why?"

"Its nothing, I'm new to these parts and to be frank don't trust them," He paused gesturing to the humans, "to be familiar with the way. I was on my way to Viridian."

"It's not that far from here at all. I'd be more than happy to... guide you there, after Bate does what he came to do. Unless ur not willing to wait... Its North East of here." Zelda said as she looked back towards Steve and Bate wondering how long this could possibly take them to achieve.

"I can wait," this time it was Dinnok's turn to look to the ground for support, "I wouldn't mind the company. I haven't had some in a while."

"Well than I'm sure we will accomondate you for far more than you may bargain for," Zelda said beginning to laugh.

Dinnok found himself joining in Zelda's easy laughter. "Only time will tell."

"Yes I suppose so, I guess before we head over to them, you should know who they are if you didn't pick up on names. The mage is Bate of Zeroth and the... warrior is Steven of the Holy Order. Hmmm mmaybe... we could have some fun with this..." Zelda said winking at Dinnok.

Dinnok's eyes gleamed with curiousity, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well you see... they can't really tell your here, I don't think, I can just play it off like I went to go check something out, and you can like appear and be like hiya bate hiya steve. 'They'll be like who the hell are you', well hopefully anyways, and if that doesnt work, idk, me and you can play something out, freak them out maybe, itd be fun..." Zelda said smirking.

"That could be fun and interesting. Catch my head if they succeed in removing it!" Dinnok said, his eyes still laughing. With that he turned back to the offending stone and tree. "On second thought, I'll go around..." He muttered under his breath.

Zelda laughed at Dinnok, and then perceeded to turn around and look back at the guys. She laughed again and ran back towards Lime, who appeared to have moved away from Bate.

Steven saw the beauitiful elf zelda run towards him. standing up straight he cleared his throat. He could feel his heart beating fast and his hand were shaking. He has never seen a creature more beautiful then Zelda.

Zelda appeared in front of Steve and smiled. "Hey Steve, what happen did Bate try to bite you?" Zelda said laughing

"Ummm uh huh" steven said as he stared at zelda. Steven thought to him self to a sec " say something she'll think your stupid." umm no he is just annyoing me with all his talk about being all powerful." said steven.

Zelda laughed. "How did I know? Oh maybe because he just never shuts up about it. Nevermind doesnt matter... well anyways umm... What do you think about, after finishing here, we all head to town, its not that far from here, and its better than staying in the woods when night hits... I don't think a girl like me should be left alone with a guy like Bate around." Zelda said giggling.

Dinnok chuckled to himself over hearing the conversation taking place. "You don't need to worry fair madien, Steve and I would be happy to ensure that you are safe in your own room at the inn in town by nightfall!" Dinnok proclaimed stepping out into the clearing behind Steve. "Don't you agree Steve?"

"Huh?!" said steven, "Just who might you be and what is your buisness here?" asked steve.

Dinnok feigned a look of hurt, "You mean to say you don't remember the other night?" He said softly trying his best to keep his smiles at bay.

Zelda looked shocked. She just stared at Steve like she couldn't believe what she heard. "Seriously steve? I didn't know you were like that...and here I thought of hitting on you...." 'I am loving this so much, its unbelievable how well this is playing out,' Zelda thought to herself.

I hope he doesn’t kill me. Dinnok thought, seeing how big Steve was up close.

"WHAT!?" steve yelled, I never seen you before. He looked at zelda who was giggling and asked he" Do you know this this...", Wait steve said i can see your half Elf but i cant place your other half.

Dinnok bristled, reminding himself to stay calm, the man infront of him didn't know him. He was also shocked, no true insult yet, he tried hard to keep any further feeling from showing in his eyes or on his face. He didn't want to give this man ammo against him. "You didn't seem to care about my heritage that night, only size and skill." Dinnok said smoothly.

Zelda tried her hardest to look extrememly surprised by this. " I... umm... I think Ima go over here now... give you guys some space..." Zelda only turned around and took about five steps and sat down, and began giggling perfusely, but at a very low tone, so hopefully Steve couldn't here her too much.

"Tell me who you are now!" exclaimed steven. "Before I slice you in to tiny little bits." he said.

"You really don't remember me?" Dinnok exclaimed, hoping to sound surprised, "I am Dinnok Dou'Kain. Now hurt, as I could never forget you, though I seem easily forgotten."

Zelda, who could still hear the conversation perfectly as if she was still there, was now giggling to the point where she was shaking. She could not believe how far Dinnok was willing to go, but enjoyed it all the same.

Dinnok did his best to keep a straight face, 'You never know how to let things go, you'll get yourself killed!' he reprimanded himself silently as he stood watching Steve.

Steve who put his hand on his sword was about to kill this person. no wait he thought to himself. *Sigh* "I know your a freind of zeldas." said Steven. "Say what you will of me, I will not hurt you." he said. With that he went over and sat on a stump of a tree.

Dinnok watched Steve, at first unsure if he could trust the words spoken. "Glad we won't have to hurt eachother." Dinnok paused unsure what to say and startled to hear himself speak his silent thoughts, "Dammit I never know when to shut it!" He stood bewildered determined to try and salvage the situation, "Actually I only met Zelda today, after following your group to this clearing."

At this point in time, Zelda who was listening to everything, got up and moved back over to the two men. She had stopped laughing, and was kinda sad that her fun was kinda messed up, but there was still another oppurtunity, which would hopefully be the funnest so far. Zelda looked over towards Bate, surprised he was not even looking over at them. She couldn't wait to try and play the same thing on him. Zelda who was already back near Dinnok and Steve, laughed sweetly and smiled at Steve. "I'm sorry Steve, it was only a little joke. I wanted to have some fun, that way we wouldn't all have some kind of tense situation this whole time. I hope you can fforgive me," Zelda said smiling at them.

Dinnok watched Zelda move with an otherworldly grace, before turning his attention back to Steve.

"I know" said steven as he looked at zelda. "I have other things on my mind."said steve as he looked at the great oak tree. Then steven looked back at Dinnok and said " so you just met her today huh." "does Bate know of you to?" he asked.

A mischievous grin crept to Dinnok's face. "I have not spoken with Bate yet, do you have any suggestions?"

Zeldas eyes gleamed as her smile widened. "I think... we should do everything we did to Steve here... just much much more detail... like... instead of being just like the other night, be like the other night when we did this... Oh my gosh that would be so great.. and Steve and I can give him soo much hell for it.."

"More detail," Dinnok paused again, "I can handle that."

Steven looked up and smiled, "I got to hear this." he said laughing

Dinnok chuckled, "Remeber to catch my head," he said winking at Zelda.

Steven shook his head looking confused, "What?" he said.

"Inside joke,"Zelda said winking and smiling at Steve.

Dinnok smiled at both, "guess this is my cue to disperse before our cover is blown." With that he began to back out of the clearing.

"Oh ok" steven said to zelda as his heart start to race again. Then he watched Dinnok dissapear into the forest

Zelda stared as Dinnok disappeared graciously out of the clearing. Zelda turned to look at Steve. Shall we quickly go back to have some more fun???" Zelda said giggling.
Zelda began moving back to where Bate was standing. She was smiling and just could not wait to play games on Bate.

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Post by xlegaaragodor on July 5th 2008, 6:12 pm

Bate was looking down prepareing a spell for defense against the demon. This one was a shield or rather a wall. He was working with the forset this time, instead of against it. When the demon struck he would release the spell, the power of minutes of complicated chants released in a moment. A wall of vines would sprig up to counter the demons attack. It would not last for long but it was the best he could do on such short notice. Into his work as he was he did not even notice the elven girl coming towards him.

"Hey Bate... come here's I've missed your company," Zelda said seductively.

Bate hears the call and comtinues his work. "I dont have time for you right now, Leave me to my work"

Zelda, who was taken completely off guard by this comment, and originally just playing with him... was still hurt by this comment, she was always sensitive to a comment like that... she actually started to cry..."That hurt..."

Steven saw this and got inraged. "How the.... That jackass" steven thought to himself. He went over to confort zelda as she was crying.

Dinnok stepped out from the forest edge, "My poor workaholic Bate, please don't mind his rudeness my lady." Dinnok strode over to where everyone was standing and planted a kiss on Bate's cheek, "He doesn't always think out his reponces."

Bate is so startled by the kiss that he lost his spell. His rage grew as he felt his hard work unravle. "What the hell! This may be the first time that somone i didnt know called my name and was not trying to kill me, but this is worse. You are lucky I do not burn you to a crisp right now"

"Temper, temper my dear. I assure you we've spent time together, I could not forget that night!" Dinnok worked hard to sound distressed and hurt, "You really push me from your mind that easily, is it a ploy infront of these people?" Dinnok paused before saying softly, "Are you ashamed of me?"

"I assure you that i have never met you in my life and if you dont stop this nonsense nobody will ever meet you again. Now leave my sight elf before I forget about the demon and cast my spells on you instead."

Anger flashed in Dinnok's eyes, quickly he looked to the ground. "But I'm your Dinnok, you said I was special to you."

Zelda, was now no longer crying in Steve's shoulder, and kinda pissed at the way he used elf...

Bate was fed up, and a bit confused so he decided to deal with this the same way he deals with all your problems. "Iv'e given you fair warning, now defend yourself or i shall have no shame in killing you without your weapon drawn."

Steven drew his weapon and said "no you will not!"

Zelda ran over to Bate before he completely finished his sentece and stood in front of him. She stomped her foot which made one of her heals slam into the ground. It was her threat to all men, and part of her joy of wearing heaes. She would use them if need be.

Dinnok was quick to draw his bow and have an arrow ready. "Your spell must be fast my arrow could already been set for your throat Bate." His eyes held a dangerous gleam.

Bate was still furious, but he knew he couldn't fight three people at once, and even if he did he would not have enough energy after the battle to escape the demon much less fight it. He relaxed out of his battle stance. "Since these two beleive you are weak enough to need both of them to defeat me i will assume that you are not worth my time, But cross me again at your own risk"

"I would not need their defence, I could have killed you if I so desired. Though I cannot decide if you are such an angry man to be stupid enough to jump to battle without a second thought, or if you are such a pridefilled prat to believe that he truely cannot be made to bleed much less die." Dinnok refused to lower his bow.
"I can test the second theory for you if you wish" Dinnok growled.

'You are a fool to think you could have injured me with that toy."

"If its truely a mere toy, you will have no need to watch your back." Dinnok threatened.

Zelda at this time, took her hand and stroked Bates face and looked intently at him. "Bate it was only a little game, surely, you aren't that upset, if you are, just be upset at me, don't take it out on him, I'll let you take it out on me... in any way you choose if need be." Zelda said.

"Stay out of this, it does not concern you, If this man wishes to die let him"

"God dang it bate cant you ever lighten up." steven thought to himself.

"I can accept death, you would be doing others a favor, though I promise you will go down with me!" Dinnok said in an eary calm. Lowering his bow slightly.

Bate started to say something when a cold chill passed over him, followed by the undeniable feel of demonic energy threatening to unweave his many prepared spells.

Zelda could feel a pain through the forest, and knew they had wasted too much time. It was now or never, and it was time to act. Zelda began speaking too fast, only positive that Dinnok could understand everything she said. "We will finish this later after we take care of what we need to, its time to get this over with, whether your prepared or not, I don't care, I want this over with and now,...my forest will be saved from this pain."

Dinnok nodded to Zelda. "This can wait. He looked to the great oak, we have bigger things to worry about."

Steven knew something was going on he seen zelda and Dinnok look at the great oak. All the animals were running from the great oak. He knew it would not be long now.

Zelda slipped her shoes off once again took three steps away from them, and began her "dance". She would attempt to keep the area around them alive while the fight commensed, and if need be help use nature against this demon.

Steven stared as the elf dance. He had never seen anything so bueatiful in his life. He was in a trance for a few secs before he shoke his head and thought to himself " I have to remeber the task at hand."

Dinnok closed his eyes, he new an elf's dance could cause distraction, he needed to focus, he needed..."Will this goddamned forest shut up and let me think!" he muttered angerily under his breath.

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